Website Design

Jives Media creates industry leading websites with powerful SEO engines. You deserve an eye-catching website that is conversion rate optimized & embedded with a strong sense of brand identity. Boost your online presence with our award-winning web design services.


Website Design

Jives Media creates industry leading websites with powerful SEO engines. You deserve an eye-catching website that is conversion rate optimized & embedded with a strong sense of brand identity. Boost your online presence with our award-winning web design services.

Our Philosophy

Award Winning Website Design & User Experience

Today, designing a website goes far beyond aesthetics.

At Jives Media, we create websites that not only look good, but also function properly and rank highly in search results. Our team of expert web designers plan, conceptualize, and organize content and graphics to create robust, responsive websites. Our award-winning website designs guide users through the online customer journey to create an elevated user experience.

Website design can have a huge impact on your performance on search engines like Google and Bing. Ensure that visitors and customers can find your website first with an optimized, award-winning website from Jives Media.

Get Measurability and Results: With real-time website tracking, you can see the traffic coming to your website and adapt to ensure the best results.

Bluetiful Website

Bluetiful Inspired by fashion and design, the fashion and accessory brand Bluetiful

APTNJ Website

Advanced Pavement Technologies has been a leader in the asphalt

AMHI Website

AMHI is an information technology consulting firm which provides unique interdisciplinary knowledge spanning the IT landscape

Why Website Design Matters:

Innovative Design

As one of the best rated website design agencies in the U.S., Jives Media strives to provide our clients with an elevated site that functions flawlessly and puts design first.

Jives Media provides you with a website that is not only responsive, intuitive, and optimized across the web – we also create a beautifulx design that elevates your brand and is something you can be proud to show to customers and partners.

Our designers deliver customer-first creative solutions to advance business objectives and resonate with audiences. Each design touchpoint helps further your goals and guide customers on a journey to connect with your brand.

Better User Experience

With rapidly evolving technology, user expectations are at an all-time high. Website visitors expect a streamlined user experience, fast loading times, and convenience in how they interact with websites and brands.

The Jives Media team focuses on creating compelling user experiences that are grounded in helping your business achieve its goals. From the design of your website to A/B tested landing pages and site optimizations, we ensure that users can find what they are looking for and that your site provides an elevated experience along the way.

By focusing on creating a better user journey and enhancing the overall customer experience using your website, we can achieve better business outcomes and overcome technical limitations that could be holding you back.

Elevated Brand Identity

A website is more than an online storefront or business presence; it’s also a large part of a company’s brand identity. Jives Media uses your new website as the foundation to build an elevated brand identity for your company.

From your brand’s logo, style guides, and digital content, to the graphics and designs you use, every aspect of your website becomes a part of a customer’s digital experience and shapes how they perceive your company. Our web design and development team take the time to listen to your concerns, then create a website that fulfils all your must-have items.

We know that your website is an expansion of your business, so we take the time to get it right. Get web design services from the best to transform and elevate your online brand identity.

Establish Credibility Online & Establish Brand Trust

One of the most essential aspects of website design and obtaining customer loyalty is establishing trust. A website’s overall design and its ease of navigation influences 94% of first impressions and dictates whether a customer will stay on the page or move on to a more attractive, easy-to-use website.

Additionally, search engines like Google and Bing prioritize showing results from websites with responsive design and structured content. Up to 2/3 of the “trust” that a search engine has in a company’s website comes from the site’s design and overall level of optimization.

At Jives Media, our expert web design and development team helps you create a responsive website design to appeal to both online users and search engines. A professional website helps assuage users’ fears regarding safety and security– especially if they are making an online purchase or providing a business with personal information.

Custom Design, Content, & Graphics

When it comes to your website, standing out from the crowd is essential. Every website visitor makes a split-second decision as to whether they are visiting the correct site to solve their problems or to get the answers that they are seeking.

Jives Media offers custom website design services, unique, SEO content writing, and advanced graphic design to ensure that your website stands out from the competition and reflects all the best aspects of your brand.

Whether you want a sleek, professional website to entice business customers and showcase your service capabilities or a fresh, graphic-heavy e-commerce website with product listings and descriptions, our team can create a custom website that meets all of your needs.

An Extension of Your Team

Jives Media prides ourselves on not only working for customers, but also working with them to achieve the best outcomes. Our team can take the great ideas you have and turn them into reality. Once we have created a demo website, we get your thoughts and feedback to ensure the completed site is exactly what you imaged and functions flawlessly.

Once we complete all aspects of website design and development, we provide you with complete access to the site. You have logins and can make or request changes when you need them. We even offer basic guidance to get you started with website edits and changes on your own. Contact Jives Media to become an extension of your team with award-winning website design services.

Curious About Our Work?

Check out our portfolio of award-winning website designs for clients or view our entire portfolio of work.

Is Your Current Website Fast Enough to Keep Up?

Check your website’s score on Google’s free page speed insights
tool. If it’s slow, you are likely losing valuable prospects and customers.

Do You Have an AMP Friendly Design?

AMPs are light-weight web pages that are designed to load quickly in mobile devices for better search engine ranking.

Are You Getting Leads Through Your Website?

If customers can’t find your website, they won’t contact you or even realize you exist. We help you get consistent website leads.

Is Your Site Easy to Navigate?

If your site is cumbersome to navigate, many users get frustrated on move on to the next best thing-especially if they have an easy, intuitive website.

Are You on the First Page of Results?

Sometimes the difference between a user visiting your website or a competitor is as simple as your website’s search result position.