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Jives Media helps our customers gain brand visibility and increase website traffic through tailored SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the organic rank of a website on search engines, such as Google. SEO is an ongoing process that requires time to organically move up the ranks of Google.

Our award-winning SEO has helped hundreds of companies improve their ranking in search engines like Google and Bing, bringing our clients to the top of results and the forefront of their customers’ minds.

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters:

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Prioritizing Relationships and Results

When it comes to the way our agency does business, people come first. At Jives Media, we put the relationships that we develop with clients and the results that we help them achieve before everything else. The team at Jives Media acts as an extension of our clients’ businesses. Our SEO experts have experience helping businesses of all sizes achieve sustained growth, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies and large, national franchises.

Whether you need constant updates from an agency that acts as an extension of your team, or simply want a monthly report detailing SEO efforts and results, we can provide a custom optimization experience to help you achieve your business goals and meet your bottom line.

Transparency In All That We Do

The work that we do and the results that we achieve are built on complete transparency and communication, so you know firsthand how our efforts are increasing your website traffic, online ranking, and revenue. From the initial SEO analysis to monthly reports and updates, transparency is at the heart of all the optimization we perform for clients.

Jives Media provides clients with real-time tracking of SEO performance, along with insights to help you enhance marketing efficiency. We provide lists of suggested keywords and important website optimization efforts to help you understand exactly how we work to keep clients ranking at the top of the first page of search results.

Every Iteration Better Than The Last

One of the tenets we hold for optimization is that since SEO is never stagnant, neither are we. Google’s algorithms are constantly updating, which means that SEO is constantly in flux. These changes in ranking factors impact which websites and businesses are on top of the latest trends and news for their industries and for important keywords.

By creating customized SEO plans for our clients, we can achieve better search engine rankings and stay ahead of the curve. Jives Media is constantly searching for new techniques and the latest SEO technologies and tools to help our customers rank higher. By staying proactive, and not reactive like many other SEO agencies, we are able to pivot when needed and keep clients at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Standout SEO Depends on a Standout Strategy

Through search engine optimization services, Jives Media ensures client websites include relevant content, keywords, links, and metatags–which are all critical for ranking well on search engines. We frequently optimize client websites to ensure they rank for relevant keywords and related searches. This strategy gives our clients a competitive edge in outranking competitors.

Keyword Research & SEO Strategy

Jives Media’s research and optimization strategy goes beyond helping you rank higher for industry terms and keywords. We conduct in-depth analysis on your website, business, and gain a complete understanding of your goals. Our SEO team creates a custom list of keywords to help your business rank first for the terms that are most essential to its success. Using the latest SEO tools and optimization techniques, Jives Media helps put your business on the map.

Off Page SEO

There is a mountain of information available online about a business that potential clients, partners, and interested parties can access without ever visiting the company’s website.
Off-page optimization is a critical process in establishing a brand’s credibility and enhancing their online presence. We focus on targeting all aspects of off-page SEO, including link-building, reputation management, social media marketing, and more, to leverage and optimize a client’s online brand and funnel more users back to their website.

On Page SEO

An attractive, optimized business’ website is the best way to get more online traffic and convert more leads. Our on-page optimization services enhance the “trust” that search engines have in your website and align with the latest SEO industry best practices. Through extensive keyword and industry research, we help clients publish unique and value-added content, optimize HTML tags, headlines, and meta details. Our team ensures that clients use high-resolution images throughout their websites, to legitimize the brand and rank higher in results.

Local SEO

More than half of customers search for local businesses online using Google. Jives Media uses local SEO to improve our clients’ ranking with Google My Business (GMB) optimization and other on and off page SEO tools to attract high-intent local customers and partners. Optimizing a business’s local reputation can be just as important as managing their national and international presence. We ensure that you rank highest in local searches in combination with running local service ads, when relevant, to ensure the best local response.

Organic Content

One of the best ways to stay relevant with customers and climb to the top of your industry is to publish organic content like blogs, newsletters, press releases, and other information. Search engines like Google prioritize websites that feature fresh, original content. Jives Media has a team of experienced content strategists and writers that produce SEO content for your website–whether that means optimizing existing product or service pages or writing share worthy, high-value blogs. Bolster your marketing with optimized organic content.

ECommerce SEO

With an optimized e-commerce website, you can sell more products and provide customers with a convenient 24/7 shopping experience to enhance the customer journey for better loyalty and retention. With a mobile and desktop optimized website, we ensure responsive design creates a personalized brand experience for customers. Our team also offers marketplace integration to increase sales volume and create a comprehensive suite of e-commerce functionality to help you achieve your business goals.

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