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Voted as one of the top marketing agencies in Silicon Valley, and some of the brightest web designers in Menlo Park, Jives Media will grow your business through an optimized website. Jives Media can help you create a fresh, responsive website design or transform an old, outdated site to bring in new customers and increase sales.

Jives Media will create a sleek, powerful, and mobile-responsive site that is tailored to your business needs–3x faster than from any of our competitors. An up-to-date website helps your business show up higher in search results to ensure that customers find you online first, as opposed to finding and visiting your competitors’ sites.



Through a discovery meeting, we determine your website design needs and discuss the best ways to create the perfect site that will help your business thrive.



Once we have established the goals and best strategy for your site design, we get to work creating a custom website that will help us achieve those goals.



We implement a responsive website design with updated functionality for mobile and desktop, so you can grow your brand and establish an online presence.



We optimize your website to drive in new traffic and online visitors by utilizing valuable insights and data captured through feedback, analytics, and monitoring.

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About Us

Jives Media is a web design agency in Menlo Park, California consisting of award-winning web designers, growth hackers, and MBA brand strategists. In 2012, we decided to bring our unique superpowers together to form one lethal web development and digital marketing team. We help organizations from early stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations meet their marketing goals while serving a wide range of industries. Our experience in responsive web design and development, digital marketing, and analytics allows us to serve as a triple threat for our clients.

Our team helps create innovative and stunning websites so that your business gets off the ground running, with analytics and measurable results starting from launch day.

Measure Performance And Show Results

Our web design agency provides full transparency, sharing the results of our client’s campaign performance with them in real time.

Hire award-winning web designers who won’t break the bank.

At Jives Media, we bring a holistic approach to responsive web design and development. Typically, this means reverse-engineering the project strategy by first understanding our clients and their goals. We then sculpt these goals into reality by building sleek, powerful sites that create conversions! Our web design solutions will skyrocket your online presence.

As one of the top web design agencies in Menlo Park, CA we offer:

  • Free competitor research and analysis
  • Free website audit
  • Website security pros
  • Experience working with domestic and international clients
  • Experience working with B2B, B2C, e-commerce, startups, Fortune 100 companies
  • Shopify experts
  • Multi-dimensional experience in web consultancy, project management, website development, and testing
  • Mobile friendly designs
  • Conversion-fueled webpages
  • Offer custom built sites and experiences
  • Provide hosting solutions
  • Affordable prices
Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency In Menlo Park, CA

Our web design agency in Menlo Park, CA goes the extra mile to ensure your website is everything you want and more. We create stunning, responsive, and functional sites that help drive conversions, and in result, bring more customer leads. Looking for a web design agency in Menlo Parkthat you can count on? Give Jives Media a call today.

How Responsive Website Design Works

A website is made up of a set of files that contain HTML code and content–typically text and images. These files are viewed in the form of webpages, such as a home page, about page, blog, etc. A standard (non-responsive) website has a set of files and a few files that govern the look of the site. However, a responsive website applies an alternate set of files depending on the device used to access the website-such as a laptop or mobile phone. The website looks and “responds” differently depending on the device someone uses.

Someone viewing the website from a desktop device, like a laptop, might see a horizontal navigation menu, while a mobile user sees a vertical navigation menu with larger text. This difference makes it easier for a mobile user to view and interact with the website on a smaller screen for a better overall user experience.

Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Design

Why Responsive Website Design Is Important

While people used to access websites solely from a desktop computer with a similar size monitor, today people view websites from a variety of devices and websites need to be adaptive. Whether a user is viewing a website from a huge 25” monitor or a small mobile phone screen, they still expect a clean, responsive website that responds to each touch or mouse click.

Additionally, different devices create different expectations in terms of usability. For example, on mobile phones, Apple has “trained” people to swipe left, right, up, and down. Those visiting a website from a smartphone expect to be able to click on a listed phone number and be taken to their phone’s calling function to auto-dial that number. Likewise, when an address is listed, smartphone users expect that they can click on that address and be taken to their phone’s map function to get directions to the location using their built in GPS.

A responsive website automatically takes into account the type of device that a visitor is using and provides the best possible user experience with subtle adjustments that enhance each site visit.

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design and development increases the number of customers visiting your website and ensures they have a positive experience while browsing the products, services, or information that you have to offer. Discover the ins-and-outs of responsive website design and development, including mobile web. Turn your site visits into revenue through high quality conversions.

Business Needs Responsive
Responsive Web Design

Get Responsive Web Design By A Menlo ParkWeb Design Agency

Jives Media offers complete web design and development services to help your business or brand thrive. From small businesses with no digital presence or website to large businesses that need a new site or fresh design, we offer a variety of web design and development services to achieve your goals. We analyze website metrics and insights and then build sleek websites optimized for driving clicks and conversions using responsive web design and development.

What Is UI/UX Design And Branding?

UI stands for “User Interface”, and UX stands for “User Experience”. UI designers are concerned with the website layout, look, and style. They decide color schemes, button shapes, fonts, and design placements to ensure an attractive and easy to use website. Any sort of visual element, animation, or design must be created and fit the overall brand of the website.

UX designers are concerned with a website’s user interface–or how simple or difficult it is to interact with website elements such as which elements are needed to navigate to a certain page or how a user accesses certain information. They create wireframes and go through iterations to test the website’s ease of use. UI designers and UX designers interact closely in the creation of a website or application, and in many cases one person may perform both roles.

Branding is the process of creating a distinguishable logo, name, design, or company reputation that distinguishes it from others. This process can be ongoing through marketing efforts such as advertising and publicity, or a one-time effort such as creating a unique logo or website design. Branding helps consumers identify and differentiate a product or company from others in the market. UI/UX designers create websites that personify the company’s brand and offer a unique feel for visitors.

UI UX Design and Branding
UI UX Design

Why UI/UX Design And Branding Is Important

UI/UX design is the foundation of your website and determines how users interact with your brand. A great website design can provide a positive user experience, keep visitors on your website longer, facilitate online purchases, or even encourage further research and interest.

UI/UX Design and Branding Agency in Menlo Park, CA

Get customized website and app design and build your brand. From ads to social media posting, we offer omni channel branding to help your business thrive. Choose a top-rated UI/UX website design and branding agency in the heart of Menlo Park, CA.

UI UX Design

What Is CMS Web Development?

In the world of web development, CMS stands for content management system. A content management system (CMS) is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. CMS web development allows a business or website owner to create content, add images, make website edits and changes, store documents, and more.

Why CMS Web Development Matters

A CMS makes website maintenance extremely simple for a non-technical or novice user, and there are many solutions available to fit every need you may have for your business website. If a lack of technical knowledge has stopped you from updating your website or making changes, a content management system is exactly what you need. A CMS allows you to make changes quickly and easily, with no coding required.


CMS Web Development Company in Menlo Park, CA

Manage your website with ease. Our CMS web development company offers simple, easy to manage content management systems for websites that offer intuitive updates and navigation. Get a responsive WordPress site from a top CMS web development company. Manage all your documents, data, and information with an integrated content management system.

Web Solutions For Your Business in Menlo Park, CA

Looking for web solutions for your business? Get a stunning, responsive website, app development, social media management, and digital marketing-whether you’re a small start-up or a growing brand. Contact us today to get web solutions for your business in Menlo Park, CA.

Web solutions for Business
Custom Web Design Services

What Are Custom Web Design Services?

Custom web design services include creating a unique website design that is not based off a standard template or theme. A custom website can be built completely from scratch or take elements from a previous website that needs a modern update

Why Custom Web Design Is Important

Not only do custom web design services allow your business and website to stand out from others in the same industry of field, it also allows you to customize your website to your needs. From individual pages that are important to your business to custom graphics and interactive pages and menus, custom web designs put the creative power in your hands. Additionally, a custom website ensures that your design stays consistent across multiple browsers which can impact the way users view your brand and even your search engine ranking.

Custom Web Design Services CA
Custom Web Design Services in San Francisco, CA

Custom Web Design Services in Menlo Park, CA

Get custom web design services at an affordable price. We offer expert web design that can transform your current website or create a brand-new website for your business. Our designers have years of experience creating custom sites with fresh content and design concepts.

How Mobile Friendly Web Design Works

Mobile friendly design is the specific creation of website pages for mobile web users. These site pages look different from the standard desktop website pages and are tailored for a better mobile viewing experience. Mobile friendly design improves viewing and ease of use on small smartphone screens and responds to the way that phone users navigate websites. For example, phone users may swipe more to go forward or backwards and mobile friendly design accounts for this difference in the way users on different devices navigate.

A mobile friendly website is typically longer than a standard desktop site, since the images, text, videos, and links are adjusted for a smaller, narrower screen.

Moble Friendly Web Design
Mobile friendly

Why Mobile Friendly Web Design Is Important

On mobile there are a few aspects that make interacting with a website different from standard desktop sites:

  • Minimal Space–Space is limited on a small screen and text, images, and navigation menus need to be properly spaced out for easy access
  • Information & Goal Oriented– Mobile users typically have specific goals in mind when they visit a site, such as collecting information and navigating to a specific page
  • Focused Attention–Attention is fleeting on fast searches and when using mobile, so it’s important to make navigation extremely easy to facilitate searches

Mobile Friendly Web Design Services In Menlo Park, CA

Ensure clients and visitors can view your website on mobile with mobile friendly website design. Rank higher on online search results that prioritize mobile sites, and gain staying power with mobile users. If you have a local business, get a mobile friendly website that is optimized for local viewing, searches, and map results.

We analyze the current design of your website to create a mobile-tailored site design that shows up better in search results and enhances ease of navigation for mobile users.

Mobile Friendly
Responsive Wordpress Web design

Responsive WordPress Web Design & Development Menlo Park, CA

Get a website that meets all your business needs with responsive WordPress web design and development. We offer stunning WordPress websites that are easy to maintain and update-regardless of your business or organization’s knowledge of technology. Update your outdated site or get a new website today.

Creative Logo Design Agency in Menlo Park, CA

Need an eye-catching new logo? Get a fresh logo design that is in line with your brand from a create logo design agency, located right here in Menlo Park, CA. Get a logo you love at a price you can afford. Contact us today to create a custom logo that highlights your business or organization.

Logo Design agency
Website desgin company CA

Affordable Website Design Company In Menlo Park, CA

Need a new website on a budget? Get a stunning website at a price that makes sense. Jives Media is an affordable website design company located in Menlo Park, CA. We offer responsive, modern websites for businesses and organizations of all sizes and price points.

Ecommerce Web Design Agency In Menlo Park, CA

Do more for your business with an updated eCommerce website for offering products and services your customers will love. Find a better way to sell online and fulfill orders. Get customer analytics, real time order and service alerts, and grow your business online.

Ecommerce Web design agency
San Francisco CA

Menlo Park, CA Web Design Company

Choose a Menlo Park, CA web design company that you can count on for great results. Get a new website that represents your business. For local web design and online services, contact Jives Media to get started today. Get a website customized to your needs, fast.

How to Hire a Web Design Agency in Menlo Park, CA

For a new website, hire a web design agency in Menlo Park, CA that can help achieve your goals. Jives Media is a local web design agency with years of experience creating responsive websites for clients of all industries and business types. Don’t settle for an outdated or lackluster website design.

Hire web design agency
Web Design Company

Best Web Design Company In Menlo Park, CA

Get a new website from the best web design company in Menlo Park, CA to attract new traffic and make your business or organization stand out online. With a 5-star customer satisfaction rating and hundreds of completed website design projects, choose the best web design company-Jives Media.

Full-Service Web Design Agency Menlo Park, CA

For complete web design, use a full-service web design agency located in the heart of Menlo Park, CA. Jives Media offers all aspects of web design and can walk you through the complete ideation and creation process. We work with clients to create the best website possible and include a range of other marketing services to compliment website design. Get a fresh new website, optimized for appearing in search results, and better understand site visitors and customers.

Web Design Agency In CA
SEO Web design

SEO Web Design Agency, Menlo Park

Rise to the top of Google search results with an experienced SEO web design agency in Menlo Park, CA. Optimize your website and stay relevant online. Do more with your website. Ensure customers and web users can find you faster with SEO web development.

Professional Graphic Design Services Menlo Park, CA

Professional graphic design services are more accessible than ever. Get a custom graphic for your business, a creative brochure, a new logo, and more from Jives Media. Our designers work with you to ensure the best results possible. Get creative, modern graphic designs at a price you can afford.

Professional graphic Design Services
Creative Web Design

Creative Web Design in Menlo Park, CA

Get that creative spark and attract more customers and website visitors. Jives Media offers creative web design in Menlo Park, CA. Our designers and developers have years of experience creating attractive websites that keep visitors coming back for more.

Website Redesign Agency Menlo Park, CA

Not satisfied with your current website design? Choose the best website redesign agency to help you create a new site that meets all your needs. Not sure how to update or revamp your website. Let the professionals handle it. Our website redesign experts take the best of your old website and create a fresh, new concept to attract visitors to your updated website.

Website Redesign Agency
Small Business Web Design Agency

Small Business Web Design Agency in Menlo Park, CA

Get a new website for your small business and gain new clients and followers online. A website is a great way to let potential leads and customers know about your business and to expand your reach all throughout Menlo Park, CA. Help your business grow and contact a small business web development agency now.

Professional Web Design Services Menlo Park, CA

Looking for professional web design services in the Menlo Park, CA area? For a new website that fulfills all your needs, contact Jives Media today. Don’t settle for an outdated or clumsy website. Get professional web design services that align with your brand.

Web Design
Digital Marketing

Top Rated Menlo ParkWeb Design Company

Choose the top-rated Menlo Parkweb design company to create a stunning website that will help your business stand out. Our 5-star customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself, and our clients have plenty of great things to say about our web design company! Choose the best for your website. Contact Jives Media today!

Static Website Development

Get a great website at a great price with static website development services based locally in Menlo Park, CA. Need a business website? Jives Media has experienced designers and developers that can create a static website for your needs. Choose static website development and get your site up and running faster.

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